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My friends joke that I have done everything for a year. Far from it, but I do have a huge list of hobbies (and former jobs). I coach, fence, teach and write. I dabble in photography. I play a variety of instruments and even try to write some original music from time to time. I have even tried my hand at welding, but I won’t show the results. The cardinal rule of writing is to “write what you know.” One would think that all the hobbies and jobs I’ve had has prepared me well for writing. Well, the rule for blogging is a bit more liberal and it suits me better: Write what you think you know.

Cancer is Just a Word and the Bus is Coming

Cancer is just a word, but the Bus is coming. I want to leave that statement lingering for a bit, if for no other reason than it screams, “Explain this!” I have no idea how many people have heard, read, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Concession Speech

OPEN on a podium outside a plain white house (but not The White House) MR. TRUMP Good afternoon, folks. I’ve decided that I need to say something public now, here in front of this beautiful white house…Rudy did such a … Continue reading

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Fighting Cancer – the Last Step

I have not written since I finished my radiation. At that point I was hoping to hear that the radiation and chemo had eliminated my tumor. That was not the case. So, I had surgery. On October 1, at approximately … Continue reading

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Our Most Fundamental Freedom Needs Protection Now

Our very first Amendment, the first real change to the U.S. Constitution that was drafted to protect the liberties outlined in our nation’s founding document, is currently under attack. The president of the United States, along with many legislators, leaders, … Continue reading

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Last Treatment – Accomplishment?

Yesterday was my last radiation treatment. It marks the end of cancer treatments going back to the January 29th procedure to have the port placed in my chest. Five and a half months of chemotherapy or radiation. My conditions is … Continue reading

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