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Have you ever left a message for someone on the phone, or sent an email or text and never heard a reply? It’s frustrating. Not just because we expect a response. The silence begins to gnaw at your mind. Was … Continue reading

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More Independent Learning and a Rewarding Moment

My quest for self-taught hunting skills continues. I recently purchased a tree stand, and finally assembled the 15 foot contraption. Though deer season is still 8 months away, I decided to set it up in my back woods so I … Continue reading

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A Brave New Learning World

I’m a big fan of learning new things. Driven you might say. Somehow, my public school experience included some nurturing of a curiosity that grew into a desire to learn. It didn’t hurt that both of my parents were teachers. … Continue reading

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Give it a try.

If no one’s going to die, give it a try. I heard this quote over the weekend from Rev. Mike Piazza. He was speaking about experimentation to a gathering of United Church of Christ delegates here in Connecticut. It got … Continue reading

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