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Donald Trump’s Concession Speech

OPEN on a podium outside a plain white house (but not The White House) MR. TRUMP Good afternoon, folks. I’ve decided that I need to say something public now, here in front of this beautiful white house‚ĶRudy did such a … Continue reading

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Cannot Be Silent Anymore

I am furious, exhausted, bewildered, and afraid. There are hundreds of moments in the past three years that have made me feel this way. I feel this way whenever I see a story about unarmed people of color getting killed … Continue reading

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Final Infusion, So Done? – Treatment #8

I have not kept up with these. That’s the reality. Here’s the summary of treatment’s 6-7. Doctor Hong put me on a steroid and another drug to manage the nausea during treatment 5 and it worked. The results – I … Continue reading

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Treatment 5 – New Plans

So thi comes many days after my last treatment. It’s Friday now, a week after I got the pump removed from the 5th infusion. The last treatment was very different. Dr. Hong prescribed two changes to my medications in order … Continue reading

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Treatment Journey Day 7

Tuesday It’s been seven days since treatment. I can honestly say I feel normal. This really started Sunday with a day of blessed relief. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been sick, but it’s gone and you still … Continue reading

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